One thing I have been obsessed with lately is Disneyland and all things Disney! I went with my sister for her sweet 16 in June, and I’m going again in a couple weeks with my husband. I noticed when I went with my sister that I’m getting too old (at this ripe old age of twenty) to run back and forth across the park from shortest line to shortest line.

Now what holds my interest is Disneyland food! Mitch and my goal is to meander our way through the park and eat as many good foods as possible, and to this end I have created a Disneyland food bucket list, with a twist–there’s a point system, and I don’t mean like weight watchers!

I mean like a drinking game but without alcohol! Here’s the point system:

5 points for anything over $10

4 points for anything free and/or limited edition

3 points for foods resembling a character and/or iconic Disneyland/Disney scene

2 points for drinks and/or frozen treats

1 point for everything else

+1 extra point per item if it’s NOT bought from a cart

This would be so fun to play with a big group of people throughout the park! At the end of the day add up all your points and the person with the most wins. I’m not sure how well it’ll work with just Mitch and I, but I’ll let you know when I get back:)

Here’s the actual bucket list:

I tried to include pricing for everything and organize the list by restaurant. If you guys would like me to do another bucket list for Disney World let me know in the comments! Happy eating!

*Also note: none of these pictures are mine, I found them on Pinterest. If a photo is yours, please let me know and I would be happy to provide an original link!*